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About company -PE "BEK-YUS TRADE"
Our company has been on the market since 2001
We value each of our clients, therefore, the high quality of service is a priority for us. You can always ask your questions online or by phone and get detailed advice.
We offer our product - various products Legumes
The group of legumes includes, in fact, various types of beans,
mung bean, as well as peanuts, although at the consumer level it is more often referred to as nuts.
«Bek - Yus Trade» specializes in wholesaling of foodstuffs in Uzbekistan.
Our main product range is : Oil and Fats, Wheat and Pasta, Sugar, Chicken and Beef meat.
A special attention is given to a regional trade.
We offer inexpensive but high quality production.
Our main spheres of trading
Wholesale and regional trading chain, republic and city chain, public catering, industrial sales. The distribution relations with the leading producers may allow the clients of our company to offer the wide range of production and flexible system of discounts.
Our location
Convenient location of our Head Office and warehouse, regional warehouses for the distribution, secured parking, mechanized loading on the pallets, deferred sampling of goods and also delivery by our own transport, which is significantly cheapen the logistics cost for our clients. During a short period of work of our company, we had been chosen by many well-known companies.
Our Warehouses
Our Customs Warehouse(Tashkent city) - 3000 sq.m
Our Warehouses
Other warehouses ( Tashkent city)- 9000 sq.m
Stores (Tashkent city) - 9000 sq.m.
Regional warehouses - 1000 sq.m each.
Own motor transport MAN
Having our own access railway track
Provides the efficiency of the rolling stock supply for cargo handling.
It’ s been formed a professional selling teams. We have high quality of the distribution in all sales channels. Working with the network retail of Republic of Uzbekistan. A big experience in promotional and trade marketing activities. Modern warehouses and its technologies provides minimal expenses. Our logistic capacity allows us to serve more than 900 tons per month.
The presence of own fleet provides the fast delivery of goods to the regions.